A brief history of the Ankara Fabric

Incorporating prints in our African way will make it more personal and stylish. African Prints are known for their intricate composition that showcases its culture, energy, tradition, and history. Whether you like it or not, there is a story behind that Afrocentric attire or Prints you see out there. The textile used to make African prints is called Ankara fabric can also be referred to as African wax prints. These prints can be handmade or produced on a large scale textile machines. The method of creating African print is what we call batik, where designs are printed onto the cloth using wax before using dye. Technology may have made printed textile accessible, Influencers, designers made these African prints very noticeable now with all kinds of styles which are very uncommon compared to the English wears. There are modern African prints that still contributes to the evolution of African prints. Most African clothing companies give some names that were given to African prints base on proverbs. There is always an African adage. 
Frankly speaking, African prints and textiles will always be part of the African revolution, so be proud of it and showcase it in your everyday style.